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International Accounting & Finance

Prospective Career of the Graduates

Career opportunities in Accounting & Finance industries are increasingly the focus of the program. About 90% of the graduates have careers in the Big 4 international public accounting firms, multinational companies and national plus companies. Some choose to be entrepreneurs and build their own businesses.

The careers pursued are:

  1. Auditors
  2. Accountant
  3. Management accountants/Cost accountants
  4. Management and Accounting consultants
  5. Tax planners/Tax accountants
  6. Financial analysts
  7. Risk analysts/Credit controllers
  8. Bankers
  9. Entrepreneurs

The program encourages internships with an international context for students taking the single degree program in the International Accounting & Finance undergraduate program. Access to internships are also provided by the program for best students who meet BI regulations, and a special unit under the SAGE division of BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL.

Further career supports are available through workshops and job fairs arranged by SAGE and BINUS UNIVERSITY. The support can be accessed from



  • Sarjana Ekonomi from BINUS UNIVERSITY, Jakarta
  • Dual Degrees: Sarjana Ekonomi from BINUS UNIVERSITY and a Bachelor of Commerce from partner universities or Sarjana Ekonomi from BINUS UNIVERSITY and a Bachelor of Arts for the double degree program in Accounting & International Business
  • Master track: Sarjana Ekonomi from BINUS UNIVERSITY and a Master of Commerce from partner universities

Major and Streaming

Streaming Degree Partners


Single Title Double Title
Accounting & Finance S.E. & B.Com. University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia
Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), New Zealand
Accounting & International Business S.E. & B.A. Cologne Business School, Germany
Master Track S.E. & M.Com, M.A. Macquarie University, Australia

IESEG, France

Accounting & Finance S.E.


Double Degree Program in Accounting & Finance

The Accounting & Finance double-degree streaming in Accounting & Finance is growing with more creditable partner universities from different countries. The streaming equips students with both general accounting and specific finance skills. The time spent in partner universities can vary depending on the scheme agreed with the partner universities. For example, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) and University of New South Wales (UNSW) agreed to have students studying in New Zealand and Australia from the 5th to 8th semesters (4 semesters)*. The students will then return to Indonesia for their final project defense. The cumulative GPA for eligibility to embark is 3.00.


Double Degree Program in Accounting & International Business

This double-degree program is developed exclusively together with Cologne Business School (CBS), Germany. The mix between Accounting and International Business provides students with knowledge and skills in both areas. This double-degree program requires students to go to Cologne, Germany and study there for 2 semesters, starting from the 7th to the 8th semester. Students must complete their final projects while staying in Cologne. The cumulative GPA for eligibility before embarkation is 3.00. The remaining graduation requirements must be met as per the requirements applied in BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL.


Master Track

The master track offered is growing in terms of partner universities. The track offers students with Accounting and Management skills. Students taking the master track must finish their final projects in the 7th semester. The cumulative GPA for eligibility to embark is 3.00.


Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Strategy

The teaching and learning processes are conducted through lectures/tutorials, student centered learning, practical demonstrations/presentations and activities, completed with students’ independent study. IAF students are expected to not only master accounting and financial issues, but also to enrich their capability in being exposed to real life and entrepreneurial skills. By having qualified lecturers and guest lecturers from professional industries, the students will be able to gain knowledge from both sides, i.e. theoretical and practical frameworks, through in-depth analysis of case studies, and individual/group work projects. For doing their research activities, students can access magazines, books, academic journals in a good quality library – including accessing the online library to get updated academic papers. All course-work are assessed through a variety of assessment tasks such as reports, presentations, assignments, individual and group projects, and thesis/final project report as well as mid-semester and final semester examinations. To further enrich our Bachelor studies experience we are providing the Enrichment Track in semester 6 or 7; students are able to choose from these options:

  1. Internship (Local/International)
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Community Development
  4. Research
  5. Study Abroad

A series of extra-curricular activities are compulsory in the International Business program. These activities will allow students to develop their social awareness, competitive and soft skills needed to be prepared for their future work environment.

In addition, innovation habits will be developed through course assessments that place emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Project Hatchery and Entrepreneurship Hatchery are courses that reflect such competence designed by the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL. Students are required to translate their selected innovative ideas into a visible design to comprehend the end-to-end innovation process. This innovation thinking approach is implemented in the teaching, learning, and assessment process of several courses throughout the program.


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