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International Accounting & Finance

Course Structure for Binusian 2021

Courses applied to all Accounting & Finance students

Starting from September 2014, students will have a 3+1 curriculum for the single degree. The following are the courses:

Semester Code Course Name SCU Total
1  ACCT6286 Principles of Accounting 8 20
 ENGL6171 Academic English I 3
 ENTR6091 Project Hatchery 2
 MGMT6011 Introduction to Management & Business 4
 ECON6028 Microeconomics 3
2  CHAR6013 Character Building: Pancasila 2 23
 ECON6081 Macroeconomics 2
ACCT6293 Intermediate Accounting 8
 ENGL6172 Academic English II 3
ACCT6292 Managerial Accounting 8
3 MATH6085 Economic Mathematics 2 23
 CHAR6014 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2
BUSS6119 Business Law and Taxation 8
 ACCT6062 Financial Audit I 4
 ENTR6094 Design Driven Entrepreneurship 3
 LANG6061 Indonesian 1
 STAT6122 Statistics Fundamental for Business Studies 3
4  FINC6086 Corporate Finance 4 20
 CHAR6015 Character Building: Agama 2
ACCT6083 Advanced Accounting 4
ACCT6063 Financial Audit II 4
MKTG6111 Marketing Management 2
ACCT7141 Accounting Information Systems & Internal Control 4
5  FINC6111 Investment Analysis 6 22
BUSS6123 Business and Data Analytics 6
MGMT6266 Project Management 2
 MGMT6253 Corporate Sustainability 2
ACCT6055 Accounting Theory 2
ACCT6059 Management Control Systems 2
ACCT6114 Research Methodology in Accounting and Finance 2
6  Enrichment Program I 14 or 16 14 or 16
7  Enrichment Program II 16 or 14 18 or 16
RSCH6016 Seminar in Thesis** 2
8  ACCT6168 Thesis 6 6

**This course will be delivered in Sprint Mode.

 Enrichment Program I (6th Semester) & Enrichment Program II (7th Semester):

-) Students will take one of the enrichment program tracks (off campus).


Enrichment Track Scheme

Track Semester 6 Semester 7
1 v v
2 v v
3 v v
4 v v
5 v v
6 v v
7 v v
8 v v


I:              Internship

RS:          Research

ENTR:    Entrepreneurship

CD:         Community Development

SA:          Study Abroad

Other:     Program’s specific need



Student can choose one of the available tracks

Double Degree in Accounting & Finance Stream

For those who are taking the Double Degree Scheme in Accounting & Finance, they will go in either the 5th to 8th semesters or 5th to 7th semesters, depending on the partner chosen for scheme. The rest of the courses will be the same as in the Single Degree. The following tables represent the options of majors that can be chosen from the respective partner universities.

Course Name SCU
International Business & Marketing Management –

 Victoria University of Wellington

(2-year DD program)

Option of majors:
Commercial Law 64
Economics 64
Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations 64
Management 64
Marketing 64
Accounting 64
Finance 64
Actuarial Science 64
Course Name SCU
International Business 64
Commercial Law 64
Public Policy 64
Taxation 64
Information Systems 64



            Program SCU
Commerce –

 The University of New South Wales, Australia

(2-year DD program)

Option of majors:
International Business 64
Marketing 64
Human Resource Management 64
Management 64


Double Degree in Accounting & International Business

For those who are taking the Double Degree Scheme in Accounting & International Business, they will go in their 7th to 8th semesters.


Course Name SCU
International Trade – Cologne Business School

(1-year DD program)

Introduction to International Trade 4
International Logistics 4
International Commercial Law 4
Economic Geography of Europe 4
Transnational Management 4
Foreign Language 8
Business Skills 4
E-Commerce 4
New Trends in International Trade 4
International Trade and Finance 4
Procurement 4
Bachelor Thesis Tutorial 4
Bachelor Thesis 6
European Management – Cologne Business School

(1-year DD program)

European Economic History 4
Economic Geography of Europe 4
EU Law and Ins. 4
EU policies 4
Transnational Management 4
Course Name SCU
European Economic Issues 4
Procurement 4
Foreign Language 8
E-Commerce 4
New Trends in International Trade 4
Business Skills 4
Bachelor Thesis Tutorial 4
Bachelor Thesis 6


Single Degree in International Management Accounting

Single degree, double degrees and master track programs start from the 5th/6th/7thsemester.  However, the registration for Double Degree, Single Degree and Master Track must be done in the second semester by the online registration system.

The choice between single degree and double degrees (including master track) should be made as early as the first year to ensure clear and proper study plan and professional designation preparations.


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