People Innovation Excellence


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this Course, students will be able to: explain the essentials of designing user experience; apply techniques for designing User Experience; analyze context for designing User Experience; analyze the foundations of user experience design.


  1. Scenarios
  2. Persona
  3. User Journey
  4. Wireframe 1
  5. Wireframe 2 and Navigation Map
  6. Introduction to Axure
  7. Interactions
  8. Mastering Master and Advanced Prototyping
  9. Dynamic Panel 1 – 2
  10. Dynamic Panel 3 – 4
  11. Review and Project Collection
  12. Introduction to UX
  13. The process of Human-Centred UX Design
  14. Usability and Experience Design
  15. Techniques for Designing UX : Understanding
  16. Techniques for Designing UX : Envisionment
  17. Techniques for Designing UX : Design
  18. Techniques for Designing UX : Evaluation
  19. Techniques for Designing UX : Task Analysis
  20. Techniques for Designing UX : Visual Interface Design
  21. Techniques for Designing UX : Multimodal Interface Design
  22. Designing Apps and Websites
  23. Ubiquitous, Mobile, and Wearable Computing
  24. Memory, Attention, and Affect

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