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History and Development of BINUS UNIVERSITY

BINUS UNIVERSITY was established on 21st of October 1974 as a short-term Computer Education Institution called Modern Computer Course (MCC). Due to its strong foundations, vision, and continual dedication, the institution continues to develop and grow.

On the 1st of July 1981, the educational institution developed into Akademi Teknik Komputer (ATK) with an Informatics Management Department due to the high demand the industry. The ATK obtained registered on 13th of July 1984 and a year after that, exactly on 1st of July 1985, the Institution changed into AMIK Jakarta. Then, on 21st of September 1985, AMIK Jakarta transformed into AMIK BINA NUSANTARA. In its earlier stage, AMIK BINA NUSANTARA was selected as The Best Computer Academy by The Ministry of Education and Culture through The Higher Education Board District III on 17th of March 1986. The need for professional workers in the Information Technology area drove AMIK further into development, and on the 1st of July 1986, it was officially listed as ‘Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (STMIK)’ or Institute of Information Management and Computer Science Bina Nusantara.

On 9th of November 1987, a merger between AMIK Bina Nusantara and STMIK Bina Nusantara took place. The institution conducted Diploma (D-3) and Undergraduate (S-1) programs. An accreditation status of ‘Disamakan’ or ‘Equalized’ for all majors and levels was earned on 18th of March 1992. On the next year, STMIK Bina Nusantara opened the first Masters (S-2) Program in Information System Management in Indonesia. The program was officially listed on 10th of May 1993.

After going through years of perseverance and hard work, Bina Nusantara University (Universitas Bina Nusantara or UBINUS) was officially listed and established on 8th of August 1996. STMIK Bina Nusantara was then merged into Bina Nusantara University on 20th of December 1998. At that time, UBINUS have Faculty of Computer Science (Fakultas Ilmu Komputer), Faculty of Economy (Fakultas Ekonomi), Faculty of Engineering (Fakultas Teknik), Faculty of Literature (Fakultas Sastra), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Fakultas MIPA) and Masters (S-2) Program in Information System Management.

However, UBINUS did not stop there. It is continually expanding their reach on educational areas. On 20th of April 2007, Bina Nusantara University added Faculty of Psychology (Fakultas Psikologi) and Faculty of Communication & Multimedia (Fakultas Komunikasi dan Multimedia) in their midst.

Due to the new organizational structure of Bina Nusantara University, which is valid since 19th of August 2008, the names of several faculties were changed. Faculty of Technical Science is known as Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Economy is known as Faculty of Business & Economy, and Faculty of Literature is known as Faculty of Language and Culture. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is merged within Faculty of Science and Technology. Meanwhile, on Masters (S-2) Program, UBINUS officially added another program, Masters in Informatics Engineering (Magister Teknik Informatika), on 31st of August 2009.

On September 7, 2011, UBINUS performed another structural change in the organization. Some of the changes are:

  • Faculty of Economy and Business is changed into Faculty of Economics and Communication.
  • Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Language & Culture is merged into Faculty of Humanities (Fakultas Humaniora)
  • Faculty of Science and Technology is changed into Faculty of Engineering (Fakultas Teknik)
  • Information Technic Major is changed into School of Computer Science
  • Information System Major is changed into School of Information System
  • Management Major is changed into School of Business Management
  • Faculty of Communication and Multimedia is changed into School of Design
  • Computer System Major, which was previously listed on Faculty of Computer Science, is now listed on Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Mathematic and Statistic Major, which was previously listed on Faculty of Science and Technology, is now listed on School of Information System
  • Accounting Major is changed into School of Accounting and Finance
  • The Masters Program of Information System and Informatics Engineering is now under the coordination of BINUS Graduate Program, which also supervises Doctoral of Research in Management

The School was established in 2011, and firstly named as School of Business Management when it separated itself from Faculty of Economics and Business. Since then, The School continues to grow, placing a remarkable milestone and great journey in supporting the needs of the industry and addressing the challenges of national education. In 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY initiated a consolidation of all level of Business School into a single comprehensive BINUS Business School that offers three levels of higher education in business and management studies, from undergraduate, master and doctorate. There are four schools in BINUS Business School: Undergraduate Program (UP), International Undergraduate Program (IUP), Master Program (MP), and Doctorate Program (DP).

BINUS UNIVERSITY as an educational institution has shown its continued commitment to be the best in delivering quality education and research that is relevant to industrial needs. In achieving the international quality standard, we continuously make our best effort to provide students with an excellent learning process, contemporary course materials, and professional human resources to deliver knowledge and skill. We also put our endeavour on building strength in high impact research and leveraging international programs. Additionally, we apply the student-centred learning method, develop internationally recognized curricula with our industrial and international partners, and always measure and improve our quality as required by ISO 9001:2008 (since 1997).

With 38 years of exceptional experience in education, BINUS UNIVERSITY is ready to enter international education. BINUS International runs innovative and flexible programs conducted in a state-of-the-art facility, taught by internationally qualified lecturers.

BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL (BUI), established in 2001, was designed to help graduates in building an optimal global career. BUI offers single and double degree international undergraduate programs through a strategic partnership with reputable universities in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Europe. In the dual degree programs, the graduates will be awarded both a bachelor’s degree from our overseas university partners and a BINUS ‘Sarjana’ degree. Today, BUI has strategic partnerships with several Australian Universities: the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, the Queensland University of Technology, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), and the University of Wollongong; with UK and European universities: the Bournemouth University, the University of Nottingham, the Northumbria University, Edinburgh Napier University, the IESEG School of Management, the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and the Cologne Business School; with Asian universities: the Solbridge International School of Business and the International College Ningbo University; and with New Zealand universities: the Auckland University of Technology and the Victoria University of Wellington. We are offering programs in Graphic Design and New Media, Fashion Design, Communication, Computer Science, Business Information System, International Accounting and Finance, Business Management and Marketing, and International Business. The excellent relationship and cooperation between BINUS UNIVERSITY and top overseas universities have provided our students with a wide range of global experience and opportunities.

The rapid growth of BINA NUSANTARA has led to the establishment of a training centre continued education, named BINUS CENTER, in 2002. BINUS CENTER offers various training topics in ICT, Design & Animation, and Language. Up to this point, it has more than 15 branches all over Indonesia, and it’s proliferating.

BINUS GRADUATE PROGRAM (BGP) was introduced in 2007. BGP is also a development from Postgraduate Program at BINUS UNIVERSITY. The BGP focuses on Master of Information Technology, Master of Information System Management, Master of Industrial Engineering, Master of Accounting, Master of Communication Science, and Doctor of Computer Science.

In 2010, BINUS SQUARE-Hall of Residence was a response to the need of BINUS student accommodation to support the learning and to teach experience at the international level. The building with four halls and 17 floors and 1.500 rooms is a modern boarding complex, a home away from home that provides safety and comfort as well as educational values through integrated programs with BINUS UNIVERSITY for all its residents.

In fulfilling its vision to be a world-class educational institution, BINUS UNIVERSITY is firmly committed to improving its academic performance as well as infrastructure quality. The manifestation is represented in the establishment of the BINUS UNIVERSITY @Alam Sutera; the latest project of Bina Nusantara. The commitment of BINUS UNIVERSITY to become a world-class university is actualized by obtaining international accreditations, i.e. The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)EPAS for Accounting Department (2014), and Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc (ABET) for Industrial Engineering (2013), Computer Engineering (2015), Civil Engineering (2015) and TEDQUAL (2018) for Hotel Management.

The BINUS UNIVERSITY @Alam Sutera campus was established to cater to the needs of parents and students who reside in Tangerang and its surrounding areas of high-quality education quality and facility. Since September 2014, BINUS UNIVERSITY commenced operating as the main campus located in Jl. Jalur Sutera Barat Kav.21 Alam Sutera with 18.410 m2 building complex that can accommodate no less than 5.600 students. This new campus offers various study programs such as Computer Science, Information Systems, Management, International Marketing, International Business Management, Business Creation, Accounting, Finance, Marketing Communication, Mass Communication, Animation, New Media, Film, Chinese Literature, and Food Technology.

BINUS has opened BINUS UNIVERSITY LEARNING COMMUNITY (BULC) in three cities in Indonesia; they are Palembang, Semarang and Malang. BULC is established to support Distance Learning programs (PJJ) or Online Learning. Online Learning will be beneficial for the students, who followed the plans, because they need not leave their city to get a flexible and excellent education such BINUS UNIVERSITY offered.

BINUS UNIVERSITY as an educational institution is committed to continually making an improvement and innovation to advance the quality of education and strive to get closer to the community. Therefore, BINUS UNIVERSITY expands its presence in Bekasi where the main campus is located in Jl. Lingkar Bulevar Blok WA No. 1 Summarecon Bekasi. BINUS Bekasi main campus will focus on Business and Service Management that is based on Knowledge Innovation and ICT with two program options, namely; Binus Online Learning in Management – Business Management, Information Systems – Corporate Information Systems, Accounting, Information Systems, Computer Science and BINUS UNIVERSITY regular programs majoring in Business Information Technology, Business Management, Accounting, Business Hotel Management, Psychology and Management.

BINUS UNIVERSITY is committed to providing a comfortable place for students to learn. All facilities such as classrooms are equipped with sophisticated technology to ensure students to have an exciting learning experience. Besides facilities, students can enjoy all other facilities in many of our locations such as in Syahdan, Anggrek, Kijang, Alam Sutera, JWC and Bekasi.

Faculty, School, and Department / Program in BINUS UNIVERSITY

No Faculty, School, and Department / Program Program
1. School of Computer Science  
·      Computer Science* S1
·      Mobile Application and Technology S1
·      Mathematics & Computer Science S1
·      Statistics & Computer Science S1
·      Game Application and Technology S1
·      Cyber Security S1
2. School of Information Systems  
·      Information Systems* S1
·      Accounting Information Systems S1
·      Information Systems Audit S1
·      Information Systems & Accounting S1
·      Information Systems & Management S1
·      Business Information Technology S1
3. School of Design  
·      Visual Communication Design:  
o   New Media S1
o   Animation S1
o   Creative Advertising S1
·      Interior Design S1
·      Film S1
4. Faculty of Engineering  
·      Architecture S1
·      Civil Engineering S1
·      Industrial Engineering S1
·      Computer Engineering S1
·      Food Technology S1
·      Professional Engineer Program Professional
5. BINUS ASO School of Engineering  
·      Automotive & Robotics Engineering S1
·      Product Design Engineering S1
6. Faculty of Humanities  
·      Chinese Literature S1
·      English Literature S1
·      Japanese Literature S1
·      Psychology S1
·      Business Law S1
·      International Relations S1
·      Primary Teacher Education S1
7. Faculty of Economics and Communication  
·      Accounting:  
o   Accounting* S1
o   Accounting in Bekasi Campus S1
o   Finance S1
·      Hotel Management DIV
·      Business Hotel Management DIV
·      Tourism S1
·      Communication:  
o   Marketing Communication S1
o   Mass Communication S1
8. BINUS Business School (BBS)  
·       Undergraduate Program:  
o   Management* S1
o   International Marketing S1
o   International Business Management S1
o   Business Creation S1
o   Business Management S1
·       Undergraduate Program (International):  
o   International Business S1
o   Business Management & Marketing S1
  BINUS Business School (BBS)  
·       Master Program:  
o   MM Young Professional:  
–        Business Management S2
–        Creative Marketing S2
o   MM Professional Business Management S2
o   MM Business Management – Blended Learning S2
o   MM Executive Management S2
·       Doctorate Program  
o   Doctor of Research in Management S3
9. Graduate Program  
·       Master Program:  
o   Information Technology S2
o   Information System Management S2
o   Industrial Engineering S2
o   Accounting S2
o   Communication Science S2
·       Doctorate Program  
o   Doctor of Computer Science S3
10. International Programs  
·      International Accounting & Finance S1
·      Computer Science S1
·      Business Information Systems S1
·      Fashion Design S1
·      Graphic Design & New Media S1
·      Communication S1

*) S1 program also available for Double Degree program


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