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Master Program in Information System Management, Master Program in Information Technology, Master Program in Industrial Engineering, Master Program in Accounting, Master Program in Communication Science, Professional Engineer Program and Doctoral Program in Computer Science (DCS)

Master Program in Information System Management, Master Program in Information Technology, Master Program in Industrial Engineering, Master Program in Accounting, Master Program in Communication Science, and Doctoral Program in Computer Science Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University as an education institution has shown its continuously commitment to be the best in delivering quality education that is relevant to business and industry needs. To achieve the international quality standard, we continuously make our best effort to provide students with an excellent learning process, up-to-date course materials, and professional resources to deliver knowledge and skill. The program is designed to help graduates gain excellent global career opportunities. Due to increased market requirements and the demand from experts and leader in business and ICT, on September 2008 BINUS UNIVERSITY established the Graduates Program in Information System Management (MMSI), and Information Technology (IT) and new graduate program in Industrial Engineering was introduced in September 2014. The Accounting Program and Communication Science were opened in September 2017. Doctoral Program in Computer Science was opened in 2015.

The Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) is the doctoral program in computer science that offers the stream in Information System or Computer Science. All the students in the program receive the degree of Doctor of Computer Science regardless of their interest area, specialization, or research focus. As a research-oriented degree, the DCS  prepares exceptional students for careers at the cutting edge of academia, industry and government. Students are expected to demonstrate excellence in both defining and executing a substantial research project that forms a novel contribution to state of the art in computing. With a highly individualized program of study, the degree provides students with depth in their chosen research area coupled with a rigorous breadth of knowledge across the discipline.

Master Program of Information System Management (MMSI) has competency as a leader in information system and information technology which can control the function of information system in an organization with both future insight and strategy to reach the vision, mission, and target that has been determined, particularly regarding the development of information technology. Also, he/she can act as a consultant of information system and information technology for the organization in planning information system strategy, including an evaluation to effectiveness and efficiency of information system and information technology application. It emphasizes on following aspects: Advice, Value/Assess, Communicate and Innovate. Process management in development of information technology is the core of subject given, including Services Oriented Enterprise, IT Strategic Planning and Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Digital Business and e-Commerce Management, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, Emerging ICT Issues and Valuation, Social Networks and Engagements, IS Security & Risk Management, and Information Integration Technology.

Master Program of Information Technology (MIT) is a Post-Graduate study program focus on two aspects: information technology and business knowledge where it is expected that the graduates will have a commanding view to the process and performance of business corporate. It is expected that the graduates of Information Technology Study Program have competency as a leader with vision and future insight, able to design and apply information technology that will improve the work performance of an organization. The objectives of this program are preparing outstanding visionary ICT leaders for industry and government which are capable of facing the challenge of the future in Information Communication Technology. In this line, it focuses on providing an excellent advanced education/research and professional services in information technology, recognised globally, that attracts and retains a talented and creative student body and faculty, and creating innovative technologies leading to new products and improved business processes, thus enhancing the quality of life. The graduate competencies of this program encompass the competencies to design an ICT infrastructure blueprint and strategic plan that can be applied by industry. In line with that, graduates will be able to value the transformation of data into knowledge to attain business competitiveness; Graduates will be able to propose ICT solutions in any fields based on computational intelligence by applying state of the art research and development that can increase the value of humanity and environmental aspects. The graduates have the opportunity to fill positions at prestigious firms such as IT Leader, IT-Innovator, IT Business Creator, IT Consultant, IT Solution and System Integrator, IT Project Manager, IT Lecturer.

Master Program of Industrial Engineering (MIE) is designed to be a leader in supply chain engineering and industrial management with focused on the effectiveness and efficient methods by leveraging the information technology in the organization. This program offers the graduates of industrial engineering to be able to evaluate and integrate the resources such as man, material, machine, method, money and information technology in solving the industrial problems and projects. In addition, the graduates of industrial engineering will have the competency to predict the strategic impact of emerging technologies and innovations in the industrial engineering area.

Master Program of Accounting (MAKSI) allows students to develop accounting skills, critical thinking, and IT literacies. The program is appropriate for people interested in improving their accounting skills for their professional career aspiration. It is also suitable for people with limited knowledge in accounting on the assumption that they meet the entry requirements. The graduates of this study program are expected to not only be excellent in accounting discipline but also have insights into the use of IT for strategic decision making. The study program offers industry and IT-oriented curriculum to ensure that the students are able to develop the strategies of financial reporting, auditing and business process development by using relevant IT in addition to other aspects (such as accounting and auditing standards) in maintaining business continuity. The curriculum offers two concentrations, which are management accountant and assurance and attestation, and it covers advanced knowledge in financial accounting, auditing, management accounting and IT fields. The learning process combines theoretical knowledge with practical insights delivered through guest lectures, case study and laboratory activities. The program is taught by qualified academics and prominent practitioners to ensure students’ academic and professional competencies are enhanced.

Master Program of Communication Sciences (MIK) is designed to have competence as a leader in Communication, especially in the field of a marketing communications strategy that is able to sell products and maintain the good image and branding products of the company or organisation both internally and externally, have scientific insights and future strategy. Graduates are equipped with knowledge of leadership and innovation to compete in global competition and also knowledge and experience of international research to provide solutions in the social life of the community.

Professional Engineer Program (PEP) is a program designed to benefit working professionals who seek to increase their qualifications through specialised degree and professional certificate programs. This program provides the availability to increase individual competence and professionalism through continuous professional development to get a Certified Engineer. The curriculum of the professional engineer program is structured based on professional practice point of view. The scope of engineering disciplines in this program may cover civil engineering and the built environment, architecture, computer engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering and food technology.


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