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Course Structure for Binusian 2027

 Sem Code Course Name SCU Total
1 CHAR6013009 Character Building: Pancasila 2 20
FILM6044009 Film Literacy* 2
FILM6083009 Visual Storytelling Elements 4
FILM6105009 Filmmaking Fundamental** 4
FILM6106009 Visual Language 2
ARTS6032009 History of Arts 2
LANG6027009 Indonesian 2
FILM6026009 History of Indonesian Cinema 2
Foreign Language Courses 0
2 FILM6021009 World Film History* 4 20
FILM6107009 Visual Directing 2
FILM6047009 Scriptwriting** 4
FILM6048009 Production Workshop I 4
FILM6084009 Cinema & Social Studies** 4
ENTR6509001 Entrepreneurship: Ideation 2
Foreign Language Courses 0
3 CHAR6014009 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2 20
FILM6108009 Film Industry Seminar 2
FILM6109009 Narrative Directing 4
FILM6131009 Character’s Journey 4
FILM6111009 Cinematography* 4
FILM6112009 Visual Techniques** 2
ENTR6510001 Entrepreneurship: Prototyping 2
Foreign Language Courses 0
4 CHAR6015009 Character Building: Agama 2 20
FILM6132009 Principles of Documentary Cinema** 2
FILM6027009 Film Theories* 4
FILM6114009 Production Workshop II 4
Stream: Film Production
FILM6115009 Script to Screen 4
FILM6117009 Cinematic Storytelling 4
Stream: Film Studies
FILM6122009 Indonesian Director Studies 2
FILM6082009 Alternative Distribution and Film Festival 2
FILM6080009 Southeast Asian Cinema & Popular Culture** 4
Minor Program 8
Free Electives 8
Multidisciplinary Stream 8
Foreign Language Courses 0
5 RSCH6030009 Research Methodology for Film 4 18
ENTR6511001 Entrepreneurship: Market Validation 2
FILM6133009 Transmedia Filmmaking 2
Stream: Film Production
FILM6116009 Documentary Filmmaking 2
FILM6121009 Production Design** 2
FILM6078009 New Media Production** 4
FILM6118009 Script Development & Pitching** 4
Stream: Film Studies
FILM6094009 Cultural Studies & New Media** 4
FILM6059009 Global Cinema* 4
FILM6119009 Audiences & Fan Culture** 4
Minor Program 12
Free Electives 12
Multidisciplinary Stream 12
6 Enrichment Program I 20 20
7 Enrichment Program II 20 20
8 FILM6030009 Thesis 6 6


*) This course is delivered in English
**) Global Learning System Course

Streaming/Minor/Free Electives:
-) For 4th Semester: Students are required to choose streaming or minor program or free electives.
-) For 5th Semester: Students are required to choose streaming or minor program or free electives same with semester 4.

Foreign Language Courses:
-) Students will take foreign language courses according to BINUS University English proficiency test results. See foreign language courses appendix for the details.
-) Students must pass English Savvy with a minimum Grade of C.

Enrichment Program I (6th Semester) & Enrichment Program II (7th Semester):
-) Student will take one of enrichment program tracks (off campus).

In addition to the above list, students are allowed to take courses from other majors and declare these courses as their electives. Please refer to each course description to check any pre-requisites for these courses.


Enrichment Track Scheme

Track Semester 6 Semester 7
1 v v
2 v v
3 v v
4 v v
5 v v
6 v v
7 v
8 v v
9 v v
10 v v
11 v v
12 v v
13 v v
14 v
15 v v
16 v v
17 v v
18 v v
19 v v
20 v v
21 v
22 v v
23 v v
24 v v
25 v v
26 v v
27 v v
28 v
29 v v
30 v v
31 v v
32 v v
33 v v
34 v v
35 v
36 v v
37 v v
38 v v
39 v v
40 v v


IN            : Certified Internship
RS           : Certified Research
EN          : Certified Entrepreneurship
CD          : Certified Community Development
SA           : Certified Study Abroad
IS            : Certified Specific Independent Study
etc           : Study Program Special Purposes

Student will take one of enrichment program tracks

Students who failed in Enrichment Program I can retake with the same track or change into another track. As for Enrichment Program II, student who failed with Certified Internship, Certified Research, Certified Community Development, and Certified Study Abroad track on Enrichment Program II, can retake with the same track or change into another track. However students who take Certified Entrepreneurship track on Enrichment Program II, should retake with another track.


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