People Innovation Excellence

Binus Business School


To be a reputable business school in ASEAN with high commitment to education excellence.



  • Develop professionals and entrepreneurs with innovative leadership, global mindset, and ethical foundation
  • Advance knowledge with relevance to industry
  • Contribute to community through dissemination of business knowledge


  • Strive for excellence

We continuously do our best to achieve high quality results in every aspect of our work

  • Perseverance

We stay calm, focused, never give up, and quickly recover in overcoming challenges

  • Integrity

We are honest, transparent, sincere, and courageous in doing the right thing

  • Respect

We value differences and contribution from every individual

  • Innovation

We encourage creative, breakthrough, and sustainable ideas to continuously improve processes in order to achieve better results

  • Teamwork

We believe in the importance of collaborative, effective, and trustful working relationships as one team



Introduction and Disclaimer

Program Objectives

The objectives of the graduate business programs are:

  1. To prepare world-class business professionals and entrepreneurs with ability to implement the integrated management approach for local & global organizations to promote sustainable growth
  2. To enable professionals and entrepreneurs to advance knowledge with relevance to industry by leveraging research and ICT
  3. To prepare professionals and entrepreneurs to drive & manage continuous organizational changes through effective communication strategy & people management
  4. To prepare professionals and entrepreneurs to be able to demonstrate effective personal, social, & ethical professional attributes & develop related system & environment in their respective organizations and community
  5. To prepare professionals and entrepreneurs with discipline, habits, & state of mind of innovation & able to create systems & environment that nurture both breakthrough & incremental innovation

Student Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Make organizational decisions primarily based on research
  2. Create a framework for generating innovative breakthroughs through research in the field of management
  3. Apply a multidisciplinary approach in managing local and global organizations in an effort to support sustainable growth
  4. Perform effective communication in managing organizational resources within the scope of internal and external
  5. Conduct monitoring, evaluation, control, and present feedback on the achievement of the organization’s performance
  6. Develop knowledge in management field through mastery of conceptual framework and research methods
  7. Develop planning process through multidisciplinary approach that covers analysis of resources and external situation, in formulating organizational strategy (both business and non-business)
  8. Master the development of organizational structure and working procedures to create value and improve organization’s performance to achieve organizational goals and objectives
  9. Master the strategy implementation that includes policies, programs, budgets, and procedures in order to achieve organizational goals
  10. Master the process of monitoring, evaluation, and control of the performance of the organization as a basis for the future formulation of organizational strategy
  11. Identify and analyze market and industry using marketing conceptual framework
  12. Create and implement effective management strategies in managing organizational resources and utilization of ICT which covers  multiple industry  and entrepreneurship
  13. Analyze and make decision over investment that creates value and contributes to the improvement of the company.performance
  14. Implement and compare financial analysis tool in resolving issues / cases of financial  and organizations investment
  15. Develop framework based on the principles of marketing and marketing strategy to produce innovative solutions, as a source of sustainable competitive advantage
  16. Hold effective leadership character with social sensitivity, and ethical values to achieve the organization
  17. Contribute to producing innovative value and responsible to deliver it to the users, organizers, and community stakeholders


BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL Organizational Structure

Historically, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS) opened its doors in 1993; and since then has undergone several transformations. When started, the driving factor in establishing the school was to build a bridge for the university’s alumni who had strong technical expertise in computing, but lacked managerial and other business function skills. Current curriculum design has been developed in such a way that all BBS graduates will have received cutting-edge management knowledge and competencies to improve and enhance the value of a corporation. The programs offered by BBS lead to Magister Manajemen (MM) degrees, and has received an ‘A’ accreditation from National Accreditation Body in 2011.


Currently, there are several programs offered within this business school, which can be roughly divided into 4 groups based on students’ working experience and the preference of teaching-learning process of the program. The programs offered are as follows:

  • MM Young Professional in Business Management, and Creative Marketing
  • MM Professional in Business Management
  • MM Online in Business Management
  • MM Executive


In all programs, learning is facilitated through the collaborative-experience based approach that combines the traditional interactive lecturing method with case studies, team learning, CEO Speaks, role plays and simulation. To help students to put their study in context, BBS has developed and written case studies using local Indonesian companies as subjects. The case studies described business dilemmas in Indonesian setting, and has been proven to be a very useful learning tools in class. The BBS Case Centre has written over 100 cases, and has been awarded a MURI award for writing the most case studies in 3 years.


This catalog aims to help you make an informed decision about your study. We make every effort to ensure that programs and courses are offered as described, and that any unpublished changes enhance your opportunities. However, circumstances may occasionally make this impossible, and we therefore reserve the right to add, alter or withdraw particular programs or courses, to adjust the level of fees and to review and amend other areas, for example, arrangements for the provision of financial help.




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