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BINUS Business School Undergraduate Program


The School was established in 2011, and firstly named as School of Business Management when it separated itself from Faculty of Economics and Business. Since then, The School continues to grow, placing remarkable milestone and great journey in supporting the needs of the Industry and addressing the challenges of national education. In 2016, BINUS UNIVERSITY initiated a consolidation of all level of Business School into a single comprehensive BINUS Business School that offers three levels of higher education in business and management studies, from undergraduate, master and doctorate. The school changes its name to BINUS Business School Undergraduate Program.

The School, BINUS Business School Undergraduate Program, currently provides education for undergraduate students, in business and management program. The school offers 5 majors, and those are Management (S1 – SE), International Marketing (S1 – SE), International Business Management (S1 – SE), Business Creation (S1 – SE), and Business Management (S1 – SE). All the programs are created to offer a high-quality standard of education programs for undergraduate students. The curriculum of each program is continuously updated and benchmarked to local and international industry and many reputable international universities.

Management program emphasizes in applied business decision-making within small to large businesses. The content of the curriculum portrays the current business background for helping students who plan either to develop their entrepreneurial skills or to enter into professional fields in business and organizations, new business development or e-business.

The International Marketing program was established in 2011. The program is designed for students seeking innovative ways in looking at various business problems. The principles approach and conclusions derived from the study of marketing from the basic ground for developing sound policies in business and marketplace needs. The study of international marketing is an interesting way to equip students for several types of careers, including international marketers, marketing management, marketing consultant or digital marketers, in corporations all sectors.

The International Business Management Program was firstly initiated in 2012. The program is designed to enable students to cope with the dynamic international business environment. The students will be equipped with knowledge and skills of business in an international atmosphere, its process, and cases that may be faced in the business environment. The knowledge and skills that gained by students will equip them to enter and develop careers in international business including but not restricted to trade, export and import.

Business Creation Program is the expansion of the Entrepreneurship stream in management program. This program is designed specifically to produce graduates who are pursuing to establishing and running a new business (business start-up). Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills about how to find business opportunities and to generate innovative business ideas; how to design a business model and write a business plan that generates sustainable revenue streams growth and sustainable business. Furthermore, students will also get access to meet with investors and potential entrepreneurs for mentoring, sharing ideas and raising funds.

Business Management program with a focus in Services Management area was established in 2016. Since the third quarter of the year 2015, Indonesia has actively participated in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)’s member country. This AEC needs local and brings international services companies to Indonesia to grasp business opportunities, while at the same time domestic companies may also expand themselves overseas, and both need business management graduates with a focus in services management as part of a management team to run these type of businesses.

Learning Goals
By the completion of our program

  1. Management Concept
    Each student should be able to comprehend business and management concept.
  2. Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurial Skills
    Each student should be able to work innovatively by applying their adept thinking, entrepreneurial, and ICT skills.
  3. Global Mindset
    Each student should be able to perform global mindset in exercising business concept.
  4. Ethics
    Each student should be able to apply ethical and professional values.


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